realitycheckBBS started in 1991 as a single-line dial-up BBS, those precursors to the 'modern' web. It's now a multi-line BBS available via telnet, nntp, the web, and ftp. Inter-BBS chat is available via old-school Internet Relay Chat (IRC). realitycheckBBS also participates in Mystic Relay Chat (MRC) which hosts weekly BBS chats.

In the mood for games? Online games were a foundation of dial-up BBSes, and those games you were loved, like Legends of the Red Dragon, Global War and Operation Overkill are still around. New games are being added as well for the next generation of gamers. realitycheckBBS offers local games as well as games networked with CoA and BBSLink.

In the mood for streaming music? realitycheckRADIO streams ambient, lo-fi and downtempo music 24 hours a day - suitable for late nights, early mornings, chilling out or hacking the system.