• Changes to the web forums

    From Poindexter Fortran to All on Thursday, October 13, 2011 16:33:46

    I'm taking the web forums off of the realitycheckBBS.org website. The BBS will still be available from the telnet client on the front page. I'm taking the web forums off for a couple of reasons:

    1. While Electronic Chicken has done a GREAT job immproving Synchronet's web interface, it's still not on par with the web-only "bbses" that people are used to.

    2. I'm seeing a lot of web spider traffic (primarily Baidu, a Chinese search engine) spidering the site - and not complying with my ROBOTS.TXT file. Part of what I like about BBSing is the exclusive nature of content distribution on BBSes; I feel differently about authoring on the BBS when I have to think about what's going to or not going to get indexed.

    Of course, this doesn't stop someome *else's* BBS from getting spidered, but
    I can't be concerned over what happens once messages leave the system.

    3. The BBS is running on 10-year old hardware, and I have a LOT of messages on some of my echoes. Web forum performance is OK, once you get to the messages. Getting there, listing the messages can take a while.

    I may put the web forums back on when I move to faster hardware and find a way to better secure them. I may make the web user's access extremely limited, maybe the local areas only.