• Changing message permissions...

    From Poindexter Fortran to All on Friday, October 14, 2011 16:39:44

    ...Let me know if anything doesn't work right, like if you can see an echo but not post there. Or, if echoes that were there yesterday aren't there today.

    Authenticated users (meaning users who log in via telnet and make an account) should have access to everything on the first call, except for a few sysop-only echoes.

    What I'm trying to do is to ensure that non-authenticated users using NNTP or the web forums have read-only access to a very limited set of echoes. Part of the allure of BBSes is that they require some level of registration, even if they offer full access from the first call. Having the ability to scan echoes without registration, or worse yet, for a web search engine to index BBS messages lessens the experience somewhat.

    If you log in via NNTP or the web forums, you'll get full access, just like if you logged into the BBS via telnet.