• Outage this weekend

    From Poindexter Fortran to All on Sunday, September 08, 2013 17:45:36

    Yesterday afternoon, Comcast changed my router config from bridged to routed, so my network broke - suddenly the outside world had the same IP subnet as the inside world.

    Call 1 took 15 minutes on hold, then was hung up on when the agent reset my modem (that was providing the dialtone I was using to call them)

    Call 2 on hold for 15 minutes, went through the same basic testing, then told me to call another tier tech support.

    Call 3 was to the "premier tier tech support", took 15 minutes and got to the same lunkhead as call 1. He transferred me to the right group, which put me on hold for 15 minutes, then I heard intercept tones and "your call cannot be completed as dialed..."

    Call 4 was to the same "premier" tech, and I got someone who understood what Bridge mode was - partially. He kept thinking I needed to turn on the Comcast router wireless (which is disabled in bridge mode by design) and wanted to pawn me off to the wireless support group.

    I asked to be given a survey for this experience, or called back by a manager. he asked me to hold, and I said no - I'd spent enough of my time on this. They have my contact number, they can call me.

    I missed a call from "Mike" at Comcast, who wanted to talk to me about my experience. His callback number? 1-800 COMCAST.

    I'm going to renumber my internal network - if the network changes again, the DDNS updaters should roll with it.