• Center of Awareness

    From Poindexter Fortran to All on Friday, January 17, 2014 22:37:18
    realitycheckBBS is now part of Center of Awareness. From the web page:

    About the Center of Awareness

    The Center of Awareness BBS Alliance is a cooperative network of independent but highly interconnected Synchronet bulletin board systems.

    Our focus is on real-time inter-BBS communication that integrates with Synchronet's built-in features. Our system offers an easy setup process for sysops and a seamless experience for users.

    Each member system retains its own style and unique content while also carrying a predetermined set of games, message bases, and custom chat modules. With the combined user base accessing this shared content, each BBS sees an increase in activity and entertainment value.

    What does this mean? Message bases that update automatically. Online multi-player games. Multi-BBS chat. Logging into sister BBSes with your credentials here.

    More to come...