• SPOOKNET, a new network

    From poindexter FORTRAN to All on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 21:47:07

    I've joined Spooknet, "The world's most intriguing echomail network". Grandiose promises, indeed. There's over 30 message areas, including:

    Aliens, UFOs, and EBEs
    Covert Communications
    Disease, Pandemics, and Disasters
    Financial Crisis and Meltdown
    Intelligence and Espionage
    Languages and Public Speaking
    New World Order
    Propaganda and Disinformation
    Secret Societies
    TSCM Bug Detection
    Computer Security and Hacking
    Cryptography and Steganography
    End-Times and Last Days
    General Conspiracies
    Intelligence and the Law
    Middle-East Studies
    Paranormal Studies
    Politics and People
    Silencers of Information
    Darknets: Network Underground
    Truth, Polygraphs, and Serums
    General Forensics
    Interrogation and Torture
    Mind Control and Programming
    Predictive Studies
    Safe Houses and Sanctuaries
    Spooks and Their Weapons
    Whistle Blowers