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    From poindexter FORTRAN to All on Wednesday, April 01, 2020 08:25:00
    I hope this message finds everyone healthy and in good spirits.

    I've seen quite a few new callers hitting the BBS during these strange
    times. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. Hit E from
    the main menu, and E to enter an email. Select user #1 for me.

    realitycheckBBS has several message networks you might want to check out -
    you can hit M to get to the message menu, then N to get past the new scan,
    and hit J to select an area. Message bases are separated by areas, each area with their own contributing BBSes, users and topics:

    Agoranet and ArakNet are two message areas focused on ANSI art and the BBS scene.

    DOVEnet is the primary source of support for Synchronet BBSes, with several active message bases covering audio equipment, internet discussions, general topics, politics, and more.

    Fidonet is the grandfather of all BBS networks - founded in the 1980s, it's still active in a handful of areas.

    FSXNet is an active BBS with users around the world and a friendly, open culture. It's one of my favorites recently.

    Micronet is another general-topic network, a little quiet these days.

    SurvivalNet is a network geared towards prepper topics and information sharing, and SpookNet is geared towards conspiracy theories and Information You Shouldn't Know.

    The files section are a compilation of the old text files I had on the BBS back in the dial-up days from 1991-2000, and some of the files from Survivalnet. The file ratios are pretty generous, you should be able to download anything you want from here. You'll need to use a terminal client like SyncTerm or NetRunner to be able to support Zmodem downloads.

    ... What is the simplest solution?
    --- MultiMail/XT v0.52